Rules To Keep In Mind With Your Fuckbuddy

So, you’ve found a fuckbuddy, or maybe you’re interested in meeting a new fuckbuddy. Either way, these rules can help keep your relationship fun and exciting. Here are some rules to keep in mind as you begin the journey of having a fuckbuddy:

Don’t Tell Everyone

As much fun as it is to share your good news with friends, coworkers, and family members, it’s best to refrain from doing so. Some people might feel jealous and threatened by the new addition to your love life, which could lead to bad feelings between you and those around you. It’s better to tell them yourself instead of letting other people do it for you. Letting others spread the word about how great your fuckbuddy is will only make things worse, and they may even start gossiping behind your back. If you have to tell someone, then be careful who you choose to talk to. You don’t want anyone getting too close or asking for more than you’d like to give.

Don’t Get Too Serious

Having a fuckbuddy shouldn’t become serious. This means that you should never get attached to your partner, nor should you expect anything else from them. Don’t let yourself fall in love with someone just because they’re willing to sleep with you when you need it. They’re not going to stick around forever, so try to enjoy being with them while you can. They get attached to you. Also, remember that if you stay together long enough, one of you will probably end up cheating on the other. It happens all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as you don’t get hurt, then you’ll both win out in the end.

Be Careful When Looking For A Fuckbuddy Online

You can find fuckbuddies online, but you should also be careful where you meet people. There are plenty of sex offender registries throughout the world, and there are also scammers looking to take advantage of innocent people. Make sure you protect your identity when meeting potential partners, and remember to always stay safe.

Don’t Rush Into Things

When you have a fuckbuddy, you should try to keep things casual and fun. Try not to make any major plans with them unless you know they’re down for it, and don’t move too quickly into a committed relationship until you’re ready to take the plunge. If you rush things too soon, then you may regret your decision later on. Enjoy getting to know someone, and let them get to know you as well. It’s important to really like someone before you decide to spend an extended amount of time with them.

Don’t Expect Anything Special From Them

Most people aren’t willing to go above and beyond what they normally do to please their partner. That’s why you shouldn’t expect anything special from your fuckbuddy. Of course, you can ask them to do things that they wouldn’t usually do, but you should be careful about doing this. The last thing you want is to ruin your relationship by making unreasonable demands of them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

If something isn’t working for you, then you should say no. Whether it’s you or your partner, you shouldn’t force yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Just remember to be nice about it. You shouldn’t put someone down or call them names after they turn you down. Instead, be honest and open with them about your feelings. They should respect you for telling them how you feel, and they’ll appreciate the honesty.

Use Protection

This goes without saying, but you should never have unprotected sex. Always use protection whenever you have sex with someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Using condoms or dental dams is the only way to avoid pregnancy and STDs.

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk

If you’re going to engage in risky behavior, then you have to accept the consequences of doing so. Being reckless with your health means that you could end up putting yourself at risk. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you, and remember to always practice safe sex with your fuckbuddy.

These are just a few rules to keep in mind as you begin your journey of having a fuckbuddy. Remember that there are tons of different ways to have fun with someone, so don’t limit yourself to just the ones mentioned here. Follow your heart and see where it takes you.

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